Recommended Businesses in Sutton Coldfield

Recommended Businesses in Sutton Coldfield

I know a lot of my clients come from recommendations from their friends.  It’s the best and I love that you’ve been so happy with your photos, my service and the quality of my products that you would tell your friends and family to use me too.  It’s honestly the best complement I can get.


I once actually had a client leave my house after the shoot, call her best friend to book in for a 6-10 month sitter milestone session too – which she did within 20 minutes haha!


So I have decided that, as a thank you and to show my appreciation, to introduce a referral scheme.


For all new clients who book a full price session with me (this does not include mini sessions or special offers) I will be giving you £20 credit to use with me on your future shoots.  You can use the money towards your session fee, digitals, collections or printed products.   The more yu refer, the more you get!   

 This is open for all my previous clients.  £20 will be credited with me once the referral pays in full for their session and is valid for 24 months from that date.  All credit will be kept in my records.  The referral must mention you when booking for the £20 referral to be counted.  The credits cannot be exchanged for money and can oly be used with Nicki Byrne Photography.

Returning After Covid-19

Returning After Covid-19

As you may know, I am now able to offer social distanced outdoor photography sessions!  These can be for newborns (about 3 months), 6-10 month milestones, cake smashes or family sessions.  We’ve been incredibly lucky with our weather during lockdown and I am hoping that the beautiful evenings will continue.


To make sure we are safe, to protect you, your family, my family and my other clients, I have put several new procedures in place.

These include:

  • All bookings will be online or via the phone.
  • All sessions are outdoors in a quiet location with few general public about.
  • Only members of the same household can be involved in the photoshoot.
  • I will stay 2m away and direction will be given from a distance.
  • Any posing must be done by the parents.  Posing will be very limited.
  • If I do need to come any closer for an over head shot, full PPE will be worn (in accordance with government guidance).
  • Sessions will be shorter to minimise contact.
  • I will wear a face mask during the session.  Anyone not taking part in the session will also be asked to wear a face mask too should they wish.
  • Galleries will be delivered via an online gallery until the government guidelines state that it is safe for clients to be in my home studio.
  • Orders will take place via an online Zoom meeting where I can share my order screen with you.
  • Prints and Products will be delivered to you safely via courier mail should you prefer.  There is also an option to collect them from my drive (at a safe distance).
  • Digitals are to be downloaded via wetransfer
  • If you or a member of your household feels sick, or have been in contact with someone who has covid-19 symptoms, I am asking for the session to be rescheduled.

As always, props, outfits etc will be cleaned thoroughly before and after the photoshoot.


If you have any questions, concerns or worries, please get in touch!


Nicki x

What is the session fee for?

What is the session fee for?

When you run a business, how you price yourself is a difficult decision.  There’s a lot of research that goes into it.  Within the photography industry, there are many different options for how to price yourself.  I decided to go for the most upfront and honest.  The route of a session fee means that you only pay for the things you want.  Many photographers have a larger fee but include all the images – but what if you don’t want all the images?  Or you don’t want digital files you only want a statement piece of artwork for you wall?  This is why I chose to follow the session fee route.   You only have to pay for what you want.


The session fee for each photography session pays for my time on the day, my editing time (a session’s gallery will take me about 5 hours to edit), any props, outfits, specialist equipment I may need for your shoot, the running costs for that session (electricity if in my studio or petrol to get to a location) as well as my training and expertise.


With only a small session fee, it means that I am able to offer affordable, professional photography to everyone because everyone deserves beautiful photos, don’t they?

Have you been pleased with my service?

It’s always interesting to me how you got to know about my business.  The majority of my new clients come from word of mouth – this means their friends have been super happy with what I have done for them that they’ve told their friends to use me too.  That is absolutely the best feedback I can get.  (As a side note, I will be introducing my refer a friend scheme VERY soon!!!).


The next most common is Facebook.  Facebook has really helped our small business community grow and I, for one, will forever be thankful to it.  Sharing my work, recommending me on groups when people ask for newborn photographers near Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Tamworth etc even just interacting with me posts all helps boost my visability so others can see.


When people come to choose their newborn photographer, they tend to put a lot of research into it.  And rightly so!  You want the person who’s taking your baby photos to know what they’re doing, be well trained and also to producce beautiful images.


That’s where your Google reviews come into play.  I always read the reviews on Google first for a business if the business is new to me.  It’s a huge thing!  To leave a google review, you just need to have an accoutn with Google and then click my link.  It only takes a minute.  It is very much appreciated from my end to all of you who do take the time to fill out a review and it really does make a difference to my potential clients.  I now always make sure I review small businesses that I have used as I know how much of a difference it really can make.


If you haven’t left a Google review but have been for photos with me, I would very much appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. https://g.page/nickibyrnephotography/review?rc

Thanks 🙂

What to wear for an outdoor photoshoot

What to wear for an outdoor photoshoot

When clients book with me I often get asked, ‘but what do we wear?!”

My first response is always something you feel comfortable in.  If you are comfortable, you will look comfortable and I can photograph natural smiles.

Two big considerations are the time of year and where you will be.  I’m currently booking outdoor photoshoots for over the summer and usually in Sutton Park.  You want to wear something that stands out (i.e. you’re not blending in to the background) but not something that’s too bold and gaudy.  I always suggest to avoid bright busy patterns.  I usually look towards the colour wheel.  Opposite colours complement each other.  You also want to use colours that complement you.

So you want to use the colour wheel to help you select your colours.  As a rule during the summer, blues look great outdoors and whites.


The colour wheel is also useful if you’re having a photoshoot with flowers.  Take the colour of the flowers into consideration.  Bluebells are very different to poppies and sunflowers.  Again, blues and whites always look good with all of these flowers but you could go for a different colour e.g. green with poppies, purple with sunflowers and red with the bluebells.  It just depends on what you like and where you are going to have your pictures displayed.


Lots to think about!


Another thing to consider is pattern.  You don’t want busy patterns.  Plain and simple items of clothing is perfect.  You don’t want the shirt to be the main focus of the picture – you want the people to be the main event.


Have included some outdoor portrait pictures in here to give you some food for thought.   Some of these photos are from my Autumn Minis sessions but have included them to show you the importance of colour.  And also these families rocked their outdoor shoots!


But if you have ANY questions at all, let me know!


What will you wear for your outdoor photoshoot?



Following the government advice regarding covid-19, I will be reopening on Monday 15th June 2020.  They advise that photography studios may reopen from 15th June 2020 providing social distancing can be adheared to.


Unfortunately, because my studio is a home studio and also not the largest I will not be able to social distance and therefore I am only offering outdoor shoots for the time being.  


This is also giving me a bit of extra time to get the studio up and running too.


There will be a few changes to how I operate even with outdoor photoshoots too.  We must keep to the 2m rule which means I cannot style, move, handle, pose.  Although this is going to be quite difficult for me as I like things to be quite precise, I know it’s for the best for you and me.  I will also be wearing a mask.  All payments must be via bank transfer – no cash can be accepted.  Any props or material that is used will be thoroughly washed and anti bac’d – this is something we always did anyway.  Take a look at the picture below for our safety guidelines for our outdoor photoshoots.