When I first trained with Claire Elliott at Newborn Baby Posing Ltd, their Newborn School course was linked with The Guild Of Photographers.  Naturally, I joined.  I am in my second year of being a member of the guild.  But why join?  What’s in it for me?  Do my clients benefit too?

The main reason why I have stayed as a member of The Guild of Photographers is because I am working towards my newborn photography qualification, which would be awarded through The Guild of Photographers.  My  mentor, Claire, is incredibly supportive and gives me feedback on my images and shows me where I can improve – everyone can always improve!

Claire is a ‘Craftsman’ at the Guild, which means she’s got hawk eyes when it comes to looking over your images and knows everything there is to know about newborn photography, safe posing and lighting.

Being with the Guild is similar to being with a trade union (except we don’t have trade unions for photographers lol).  They offer advice to their members and via The Guild, I can offer my clients an Interest Free Credit Service as an option for payment for any products they may want to purchase.

The main benefit to being a member of the Guild is the support network.  It can be very lonely being self employed – I do often miss my school team – but here, we have a great support network and Facebook groups too where we can share work, ideas, success, advice and meet up with other local photographers.

The Guild also have Image of the Month competitions where awards can be won.  This is something I would like to enter into in the not-too-distant future.


So if you’re thinking of joining the Guild, take a look at how the network can support your work at https://photoguild.co.uk/r/5CB4pa (This referral link will also get you a discount!)