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All my clients will receive a link to this blog post the day before our booking.


Please make sure you fill out and send back this Covid Consent Form before your booking.


You can find my consent form here


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Outdoor Training with Lisa McCormick Photography

Outdoor Training with Lisa McCormick Photography

On Saturday, I travelled up to Sunderland for a very special day of training with Lisa McCormick photography.

I went up with Captured by Cheryl Photography and we had the best day.  We both learned so much about outdoor photography – which is completely different to shooting in your studio.

So I am very pleased to announce that I am now offering sessions for boys and girls outdoors.  These are ideally suited for children aged from 5 years old (due to following posing directions – I can photography children of any age though).


Children's outdoor portraits sutton coldfield

At the beginning of the week, I met up with 8 year old Poppy and we took some photos.  She had such a lovely time.  The sessions do include the use of all my props and dresses – I have a wide variety of dresses in greys, golds and soft pastel colours.  Poppy said she felt like a princess.

Below are some behind the scenes photographs taken by Poppy’s Mom during our outdoor portrait session.

For more information on my family and child portraits click here.  If you’d like to discuss a children’s portrait session with me, please send me a message.

Your Perfect Newborn Competition

Your Perfect Newborn Competition

Last month I had an e-mail encouraging me to enter into the Your Perfect Newborn monthly competition.  I was so hesitant at first as I’ve not entered any competition before.

In all honesty, it’s scary.  Like GCSE exam day and results day scary.  But I put on my big girl pants and submitted an image for the theme ‘Family’.


Today, the results went live.  I didn’t win, there can only be one winner.  But I am in their featured photographers with my entry photo up.  So to me, that’s a huge complement.  Click the link to see my image!

Family Collection

Featured on Your Perfect Newborn
What to wear for an outdoor photoshoot

What to wear for an outdoor photoshoot

When clients book with me I often get asked, ‘but what do we wear?!”

My first response is always something you feel comfortable in.  If you are comfortable, you will look comfortable and I can photograph natural smiles.

Two big considerations are the time of year and where you will be.  I’m currently booking outdoor photoshoots for over the summer and usually in Sutton Park.  You want to wear something that stands out (i.e. you’re not blending in to the background) but not something that’s too bold and gaudy.  I always suggest to avoid bright busy patterns.  I usually look towards the colour wheel.  Opposite colours complement each other.  You also want to use colours that complement you.

So you want to use the colour wheel to help you select your colours.  As a rule during the summer, blues look great outdoors and whites.


The colour wheel is also useful if you’re having a photoshoot with flowers.  Take the colour of the flowers into consideration.  Bluebells are very different to poppies and sunflowers.  Again, blues and whites always look good with all of these flowers but you could go for a different colour e.g. green with poppies, purple with sunflowers and red with the bluebells.  It just depends on what you like and where you are going to have your pictures displayed.


Lots to think about!


Another thing to consider is pattern.  You don’t want busy patterns.  Plain and simple items of clothing is perfect.  You don’t want the shirt to be the main focus of the picture – you want the people to be the main event.


Have included some outdoor portrait pictures in here to give you some food for thought.   Some of these photos are from my Autumn Minis sessions but have included them to show you the importance of colour.  And also these families rocked their outdoor shoots!


But if you have ANY questions at all, let me know!


What will you wear for your outdoor photoshoot?